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When a person comes forward for the first time, accepting the invitation to Christian Discipleship, it indicates the acceptance of Jesus, the Christ, as their Lord and Savior. All persons are advised to enroll in the New Members Classes. When new converts have completed their New Members Classes, they are expected to be baptized.

Baptism is the first of the two ordinances of the Baptist Church and is performed by means of immersion based on Matthew 3:!6. Baptists believe that when a person confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then in obedience to Jesus’ command to be baptized, when the believer is immersed in the water, they are buried with Christ, and when brought up out of the water, they are raised to a new life in Christ. Baptism is not a means of salvation within itself, but it is an act of obedience and an outward sign of an inward change.

Adults are baptized in the next scheduled baptism service and admitted to full membership after receiving the right hand of fellowship.

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Youth Baptism: Youth under 12 who make the decision to come forward are received and encouraged to attend a nine-week session of training and preparation for baptism. Upon completing these classes and determining their levels of understanding and readiness, they will then be scheduled for baptism.

Communion (The Lord’s Supper) is the second of the two ordinances of the Baptist Church. At the beginning of each worship service, communion at Shiloh is served on the first Sunday of every month. The Lord’s Supper is intended for believers of the Lord Jesus Christ and therefore is not knowingly served to those who have not accepted Jesus as Savior.

Following the reading of the scripture and reciting of the Church Covenant, believers accept the body and blood of Christ together. Communion visitation to the sick and shut-in is done by the Diaconate normally on the Saturday before the first Sunday.