Adult Ministries

Couples Fellowship

  • This group seeks to educate couples on the seriousness of a marriage commitment; cultivate a deeper understanding of one another; provide ongoing education and discussion sessions; and to fellowship with other couples through recreational activities.
  • Contact Person(s): Deacon John Medina and Deaconess Donna Medina

Singles Fellowship

  • The single’s fellowship is to provide a safe, trusting, enjoyable, and nurturing Christian environment in which to share concerns, address issues, fellowship, and develop social and cultural networks designed to enrich the lives of single adults and promote Christian growth.
  • Contact Person(s): Elder Wanda Short
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Men’s Ministry

  • This fellowship is for individuals who identify as men of God and who seek community and support from other like minded Christian people.
  • Contact Person(s): Elder Robert Martin

Women of Excellence

  • The Shiloh Women of Excellence (WOE) ministry is an intergenerational fellowship, designed and organized for women to join together in Christian love.  WOE provides resources to “balance the weight of ministry” and daily life with the hope to establish a unique spiritual experience for all involved.
  • Contact Person(s): Lady Cynthia Watts

Department of Christian Education

Contact Person: Lorraine Thomas

The Mission of the Shiloh New London Church Department of Christian Education is to theologically, spiritually, religiously, and in some areas, academically educate all of its disciples and bring them into full discipleship as directed by Jesus in Matthew 28:19 – 20.

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Bethel Bible Class

  • Seeks to help promote biblical literacy with a goal of creating confidence in the student’s ability to share God’s Word, and hopefully bring others into the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Additionally, this course presents an overview of the Bible in a simplistic, yet effective, manner while attempting to create a love of, and hunger for, God’s Holy Word. Lastly, Bethel generates a sense of excitement for learning as the student begins to see God’s Plan of Salvation, a true love story, unfold through the pages of the Bible.
  • Contact Person(s): Deaconness Latese Williams

New Members Class

  • Contact Person(s): Elder Wanda Short

Sunday School

  • Contact Person(s): Lorraine Thomas

Tuesday Night Bible Study

Music Ministries

Contact Person: Gloria Watts
The music ministry exists to artistically glorify God by helping to create an environment that fosters genuine worship in spirit and truth.
Gospel Chorus

Male Chorus

Mass Choir

  • Adult choir 18+

Youthful Praise

  • 13 years old+

Children’s Choir

  • Children ages 3 – 12 years old

Outreach Ministry

Contact Person(s): Elder Jeannettia Varner
Dorcas Missionary Society

  • The Dorcas Ministry is an outreach ministry comprised of individuals whose mission it is to serve God by serving others. This mission is accomplished through evangelism, visitation, prayer, and contributions of monetary support where needed.
  • Contact Person(s): Minister Patricia Edwards


  • The Hospitality Ministry seeks to be hospitable to all by way of kindness, guidance, and support. Ultimately, showing love you can feel, a heart you can touch, a word you can live by and a family you can be a part of.
  • Contact Person(s): Elder Jeannettia Hunt
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Prayer Warriors (Intercessors)

  • The ministry of Intercessory Prayer will focus on developing “Generals” of intercession (gifted). These intercessors will be expected to participate in the following: periods of fasting, tarry in daily prayer, ministry covenant, and both the personal and ministry prayer retreats.
  • Contact Person(s): Elder Tarishia Martin

Prison Ministry

  • The prison ministry seeks to bring awareness to the issues regarding mass incarceration of people of color and the poor; understanding the impact of incarceration on children, families and communities; and developing strategies to prevent crime and access services for the incarcerated through community partnerships and collaborations.
  • Contact Person(s): Winston Taylor

Agape Ministry

  • The Agape Ministry of Shiloh New London Church is an outreach co-op ministry and its mission is to provide financial and spiritual assistance to those who are in need. Currently, the mission is accomplished through the provision of utility and rental assistance, purchase of food vouchers, prayer and counseling.
  • Contact Person(s): Deaconness Donna Medina and Rev. Shirley Hamilton

Audio Visual Ministry

Contact Person: Solomon Hardy

Service Ministry

Pastor’s aid society

  • The pastor’s aid society provides care, support, and comfort to the Bishop and first family.
  • Contact Person(s): Deacon Lucas Daniels


  • Transportation is temporarily suspended due to the Complex’s COVID-19 safety measures. Check back for updates!

Usher Board

  • Contact Person(s): Gail Wright

Children & Youth Ministry

Contact Person(s): Elder Luther Wade
God’s Army Dance Team

  • The dance ministry seeks to personify praise through visual and tactile movement that connects to both scripture and spirit of God.
  • Contact Person(s): Yvonne Tobey

Junior Church

  • Contact Person(s): Elder Luther Wade

Health & Wellness Ministries

Contact Person(s): Elder Luther Wade

The Quiet Mind

  • Learn how to practically apply the teachings of the “Quiet Mind for Troubled Times” by developing your ability to meditate before the Lord.
  • Contact Person(s): Bishop Watts

My Safe Space Ministry

  • Join the My Safe Space group for survivors of sexual assault. We will walk together toward holistic healing.
  • Contact Person(s): Elder Holly Ammons

Health and Fitness Ministry

  • This ministry seeks to complement spiritual strength and wellness through physical movement and nutrition.
  • Contact Person(s): Roberta James Brown